An Aquarius is full of surprises. Use our handy Aquarius Traits guide for May 2020 to understand them better. Know your Aquarius

When an Aquarius is involved in something, they take pride in getting the job done right! #Knowyouraquarius

Aquarius are rather sociable but often they are loners at heart.

An Aquarius is cautious, they don’t make the same mistakes twice or get their hearts broken.

Aquarians love to see their loved ones happy. If you’ve made them happy, they’ll go out of their way to make you much happier

Aquarius refuse to be put into one category and do not let age, race, or anything define them.

Aquarians prefer mellow people who aren’t flashy as their friends or lover.

Aquarius are mentally very strong. They are stronger than almost everybody else.

An Aquarius tends to see things differently. This makes them both fascinating and insightful.

Aquarius read people very well. They can sense the second they meet you, if they want you in their life or not.

Aquarians are very sarcastic while also having a serious twist when they speak. You wouldn’t know if they’re being serious with you or not.

Know Your Aquarius

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